//NPORT Exhibit Update
NPORT Exhibit Update 2019-05-10T09:09:49+00:00


The SEC recently passed another update related to the submission of the Form NPORT Exhibit (NPORT-EX).


  • For all NPORT related submissions prior to the reporting period of August 31, 2019, NPORT-EX will be a separate submission from the NPORT-P filing.
    • NPORT-P must be submitted prior to NPORT-EX.
    • NPORT-EX has a mandatory field that requires the accession number from the respective NPORT-P filing.
    • Upon submitting NPORT-P with the EDGAR system, FilePoint can insert the accession number into the NPORT-EX filing, without additional instruction.
    • The conversion of the NPORT-EX files should still be initiated in advance of NPORT-P.
  • For NPORT-P submissions with reporting periods after August 31, 2019, NPORT-EX will no longer be a separate filing. Rather it will be integrated as an exhibit in into NPORT-P for the same reporting period.
    • The NPORT-P and NPORT Exhibit process can remain the same.
    • FilePoint an convert the NPORT Exhibit and return it to be combined with the NPORT-P submission.


The change in the submission format will be effective August 31, 2019.


FilePoint is prepared to handle the NPORT Exhibit process for you. All you need to do is send us your documents like you would for a traditional filing. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Please contact file@filepoint.com for assistance with the preparation of NPORT Exhibits.