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FilePoint® can automate the production of your fact sheets and other data-linked marketing materials using our proprietary software suite. Your documents can be produced automatically in a variety of output formats.

FilePoint’s® Fact Sheet Features:

  • We can take data provided from an administrator and/or an advisor and pull it through our internal data platform/design template to create web-ready PDFs, print-ready PDFs or HTML output.

  • Each fact sheet template can be customized for a specific fund or fund group.
  • The design template can be created to match an existing fact sheet, or we can help to create a new design based on any available branding guidelines.
  • Each fact sheet can incorporate a range of static information, tabular data and graphic charts.
  • Once a fact sheet has gone through the initial setup process, data can be dynamically updated on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • FilePoint® has proven data feeds that automatically populate data.


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