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FilePoint® is a full-service filing agent offering solutions for EDGAR and XBRL filing, typesetting, printing, document hosting and website development.

  • One of the top producing EDGAR filers for mutual funds and ETFs in the U.S.
  • Operating for more than ten years.
  • Founders of the firm are experienced mutual fund financial reporting professionals and have been in the mutual fund industry for over 20 years.
  • Currently service hundreds of investment companies and counting.
  • 100% employee owned.

How We’re Different

Our focus is high-end, reliable customer service at incredibly competitive rates. As a service provider we aim to be a more knowledgeable, friendlier and cost-effective choice.

  • We work primarily with mutual funds and investment advisers and offer a turnkey line of services.
  • Our staff understands the financial service sector, comprehends investment company regulatory requirements, studies the forms and knows the rules.
  • As SEC requirements evolve, we continually update our services and products to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.
  • We continue to grow our client base and offer new services while maintaining an elevated level of client satisfaction.
  • Our simple pricing saves our clients time and money by avoiding complicated invoices.


  • No rush fees
  • No charge for minor changes
  • No charge for revision marks in EDGAR or typeset documents
  • No charge for graphics
  • No charge for emails or PDF proofs

Core Services

Any of our services are available à la carte or as a complete, integrated solution. We acknowledge the needs of each client and tailor our process accordingly.


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We provide full document conversion and filing services for Investment Companies, Broker Dealers, Banks, Investment Advisors and Public Companies.


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We’re trusted by hundreds of funds to design quality documents while meeting tight deadlines, and can provide the highest level of service at very competitive prices.


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We’ve filed thousands of XBRL filings; clients trust our accuracy, turnaround time and technical knowledge. Our staff of XBRL experts stay on the forefront of the latest SEC rules, ensuring a worry-free path through the latest regulatory hurdles.


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We can coordinate any print job to help enhance your document delivery process, including electronic distribution and print-on-demand capabilities.


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In addition to creating web-ready files with bookmarks and required links between documents, we have the ability to host all fund documents on a customized webpage with links to view, download and request printed copies.


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We create, update and maintain fully SEC and FINRA compliant fund websites with limitless customization. Unlike most web design firms, we work exclusively with funds and Investment Advisers.


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We have a service for automating customized fact sheets that can be generated from any type of source file format.

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We understand the compliance requirements and time sensitivity of the industry.